If you’re not in the know, a viral video went around a while ago about Guy “Bear” Vasquez witnessing a double rainbow while on a camping trip. He got very emotional and the video he posted became a viral hit.

Here’s the video link: Crazy Double Rainbow Guy- ORIGINAL

In the background of the first panel are some Twitter pals and comics pals.

MrsIronShiek is first and her sister, riotgrrrrrrrrl. Next to them is AS_Guy.

Hidden in the back is Colonel Winchester from the great webcomic Mystery Solved by Zack Kruse and Big Jim Miller! On the other side, my pal, Nuggie99 who graciously supports and follows a lot of things I do, NewMutant, another of my brothers from another mother, as well as theVoice123. NewMutant does great production work for Feedback. TheVoice123 hosts a few podcasts, one of which is No Apologies.

Check these folks out! I enjoy them all and I think you will too!