I recently watched a film that I really enjoyed. It’s a Film Noir piece from 1950 called ‘Night and the City’.

Night and The City movie poster

It has to do with a shady hustler in London who bumps into & befriends a well-respected wrestler, played by Stanislaus Zybysko, father of Larry ‘The Living Legend’ Zybysko, who dislikes the current state of pro-wrestling going on in that day. The hustler wrangles some cash together to buy into the promotion business and sets up his own show with the old time fave.

Things fall apart quickly for the hustler from there.

The film was remade in 1992 by Robert DeNiro, but that version centered around boxing. I prefer this version. Can’t imagine why! 😉

It’s probably the first Noir film I’ve ever seen, but it was really entertaining and is available off of Netflix from their instant streaming service.

Now go eat your Effin dinner!!