Hello and Happy 2011!

Yes, I know it’s February. And this is the first strip I’ve done this year. I’m sorry. Life has been a mess for a while and I’m working to get it back into shape.

This strip is for my brother, Dennis, who is the inspiration for Derek and had a birthday on Feb. 3rd. Happy Birthday, bro!

How many times did we torment our mom with our scheming and planning to try and finagle all the things we desired but weren’t sure we’d get. Mom likes wrestling, but hated cartoons. But she also refused to have cable TV in her home. Our dad would have us on weekends, where we’d rent He-Man and wrestling videos, then go out to see Star Wars movies for the umpteenth time. Anything to have quality time with his kids.

And, no, I never wanted clothes during birthdays and Christmas. I had too many visions of the newest Star Wars toys from the Service Merchandise catalog running through my head. I’d plot for hours of what I’d want.

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Give it a listen, if you like such things. Harold Jennett III and I always try to deliver a good time.